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Missouri Country Livin

My husband and I started our journey by creating a few items as a hobby in the Ozarks along with our full-time jobs and that resulted in us making a living for nearly 30 years. My husband is a self taught chainsaw wood carver. He started carving out decoys and then we would take them to local shows and sell them all. At an early age, our son learned to help us with making the fish. He got so good, he even carved out primitive flying geese which we all sold to stores and restaurants.

Eventually, we started getting out and doing much bigger shows all over the United States. Through the years times changed, and we started working with embossing tin, making wall hanging picture frames, and custom metal window valances which we still do today

Over the last couple of years, our son has teamed up with us by hand crafting furniture and taking care of customer orders. After many years of showing at Canton Texas and other craft shows all over the US we have decided to build a small country store on our land in the ozarks. This way we are able to stay closer to home and family. Stop on by and see what we can craft up for you!